Executive Coaching

Rox is a seasoned professional. She understands the challenges of working with volunteers, growing an organization, making and executing tough decisions, and how to build strong teams. Rox’s expertise as an executive coach has benefited emerging leaders, CEOs, and Cabinet Secretaries. Her support has resulted in improved professional focus, renewed passion and vision, career development and strategic positioning. She also understands crisis management, having worked in complex state and national organizations with high public scrutiny. She works with executives as their thought partner to develop clarity of vision and to create strategic plans that deliver a high return on investment.

She understands the competing tasks of executives, including the need to spend time on high-level thinking while motivating the board, staff, and volunteer teams to maximize commitment and productivity.

In her executive roles, she has reported to volunteer boards of directors and elected officials for more than twenty years and worked to develop their philanthropic and strategic thinking. While serving as CEO of Nurse-Family Partnership, she helped the organization obtain multi-year, multi-million dollar commitments from donors including Blue-Meridian Partners. She has also coached emerging professionals into management and leadership roles

Roxane has been integral in guiding me through career opportunities, challenges, and transitions. She is a strategist who always makes me challenge my assumptions and think of new ideas. Rox has a masterful knack for helping me find a clarity of purpose and desire in work that has guided me to discover my full potential as a senior executive and led to outstanding results for all my teams.
— Stephanie Donner
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