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Strategy with Rox is a consulting firm owned and founded by Roxane White. Rox’s commitment to her clients is to bring thought partnership, energy, and passion to every effort. She knows and understands that your commitment to thinking and envisioning the future must be matched by her commitment to support your leadership and your work. Leadership is challenging, and bold and innovative approaches require careful planning and execution.


Once you experience doing strategy with Rox, you can’t go back. It’s not your grandma’s strategy work; it’s well, strategy with Rox.
— COO, Nurse-Family Partnership, Benilda Samuels

Executive Coaching:

Rox is a strategic thought partner who will help you perform at your highest level by refining your personal and professional vision and strategically placing you and your organization for success. More...


Rox guides you and your team to never waste another minute in a meeting. She will support you as you focus on results, employee performance and engagement and ensure that your meetings are as valuable as your mission. More...

Strategic thought partnering:

Rox will be your partner in creating bold innovations, outcome focused strategies, and she will help you assess risk to achieve results. More...

Roxane White is a superb and strategic facilitator of challenging meetings. From planning to execution to follow-up, she delivers remarkable results. Equally comfortable with elected officials and CEOs, she can instantly bridge the gaps between executives and frontline staff, community activists, and people who are homeless. She is the single best facilitator I have worked with.
— Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper