Who We Are

Roxane White

Roxane White is a results driven strategic advisor and leader with a passion for community engagement and public policy. She has 25 years of executive leadership expertise as the CEO of local, statewide, and national nonprofits, as a Cabinet Secretary, and as Chief of Staff to a mayor and a governor.

From her early career building Urban Peak and Urban Peak Colorado Springs, and merging The Peak with The Spot, to recent work as the Innovator in Residence at The Aspen Institute, she has delivered impactful results to communities across Colorado and the nation. In her almost thirty years as a CEO and a leader, she has encountered difficult situations ranging from managing public relations crises and natural disasters, to strategic redirection and negotiating the first maternal child health pay for success project in the United States. Rox has served in the public sector as a gubernatorial cabinet secretary and Chief of Staff for eleven years and most recently has been supporting state leaders throughout the country to address income inequality.

Rox knows that difficult and interesting challenges require thoughtful leadership and planned processes. She leads with a commitment to hearing diverse points of view in order to support strategic decisions and deliver results. She is as comfortable working with CEOs, mayors, and board members as she is with community activists and people in vulnerable situations. Throughout her career, Rox has led strategic thinking and planning processes for large, multi-state entities, employee groups of over 1,000 and small entities with volunteer staff. This support has resulted in actionable plans and greatly enhanced decision making processes.

She began her career thirty years ago working with teens who were living on the streets and has maintained her commitment to listening to and uplifting people who are experiencing difficulties. She values the thinking of community activists, professional experts and elected and appointed officials. Complicated challenges involving diverse perspectives are her expertise.

Rox has a long history of professional experience serving on boards of directors including Rose Community Foundation, Garrett Seminary, the Downtown Denver Partnership Civic Ventures Board, and was one of twenty-four members of the national Mobility from Poverty Commission established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Rox is a seasoned coach and has worked with executives to improve performance and move into new roles as well as with entry level workers striving to learn management and leadership skills. She believes that when a person’s personal and professional visions align, greater synergy and productivity are discovered. She currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Strategy with Rox.

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While pursuing her interests in Political Science during both her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Colorado Denver, Donalyn worked internationally and in Colorado. She started her career at the nonprofit Global Livingston Institute as the Director of Development and Public Affairs, and through that position was able to travel frequently to East Africa for work, and across the globe for adventure. At GLI she studied international development, sustainability, and learned how to listen and think before taking action. While there she worked with students from the United States and East Africa, led immersion trips focusing on biology, entrepreneurship in technology, and self-defense. She collaborated with individuals from diverse backgrounds to support community-led solutions to complicated problems.

Upon feeling a calling to be more involved at home in Colorado, Donalyn transitioned to being the Regional Manager at Inspire Colorado, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization working to amplify the youth voice. While there she became engaged in local elections and ballot initiatives, while working to register youth to vote and get them to the polls. She worked with high school administrations and students across Colorado and grew deep connections with the youth she spent time with.

In July of 2018 Donalyn transitioned to the consulting firm Strategy with Rox where she currently serves as the Director of Research and Public Policy, assisting the firm as they work to address income inequality and preserve democracy. There she works with city and state entities, nonprofits, and startups.

Donalyn is passionate about enjoying the Colorado outdoors with her husband, usually in the form of rafting, canoeing, and camping. When she isn’t exploring Colorado, she is at home with her cats reading a book or catching up on the latest Netflix shows. Donalyn is a proud member of the Romero Theater Troupe where she works with a group of dedicated individuals to tell stories of the oppressed through organic social justice theater. She is currently studying at the University of Colorado Denver and pursing her graduate degree in Political Science.

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Griffin Scherma

As Griffin was pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in biology at the University of Colorado Denver, he worked as a lab manager and taught biology labs. During that time he learned how to engage with people from diverse and challenging backgrounds and focused on the complications that arise where ethics and biology intersect.

Griffin spent time working with the Colfax Community Network where he worked with underserved children and youth in Denver. There he learned about the challenges that immigrant populations face in the United States, and strove to help families and single parents educate and provide for their children.

Upon graduation, he transitioned his work to more directly impact people’s lives by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Colorado Denver. During this time, Griffin
worked at Nurse-Family Partnership as a Professional Research Assistant. At NFP, he served first-time
mothers and developed guides to help them navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and raising their children.
Through this work, he studied program innovation, survey development and analysis, and content

Currently, Griffin works with Strategy With Rox as the Strategic Project Manager. He provides assistance with research, meeting facilitation, and is a core team member that manages all project implementation.

An avid guitar player and an appreciator of music, Griffin enjoys spending evenings listening to music
and attending Grateful Dead cover band concerts around Denver. On weekends, he loves to canoe, raft, camp, and hike with his wife in the Colorado mountains.



While studying at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Kyra pursued a degree in Psychology with an active focus on neuroscience and health. When not in class, she spent her time working for Metro’s disability center helping college students with disabilities to gain necessary accommodations. During this time, a passion for helping youth in her community blossomed within her and she fostered a desire to apply her degree in a direct manner.

She now studies at Adams State University where she is invested in her future as a counselor. As she obtains her master’s degree in mental health, she is working on an internship working with counseling high school students from a variety of diverse backgrounds. She also spends each summer working for College Living Experience as a counselor helping adolescents with mental disorders learn how to live independently and attend college.

At Strategy with Rox, the team depends on Kyra to manage scheduling and day to day operations. In addition, she is the point of contact for new prospective clients and handles the Strategy with Rox Facebook page.

While her busy schedule leaves little time for leisure, Kyra can be found going for walks in the brisk Colorado air, spending time with her husband and two-year-old son, or simply rewatching Friends for the hundredth time.



Monte was adopted in May of 2018, and has been a core team member ever since. As the designated
office dog, security guard, and dictator of when belly rubs are long past due, Monte is a vital part of the Strategy with Rox team.

Often found sleeping under Rox or Donalyn’s desk, Monte is a loyal and good dog. His favorite toy
is his squeaky pig, which he tries very hard to not play with during meetings.

When Monte isn’t working hard in the office, he is out enjoying long walks, running through sprinklers, or riding along on a mountain drive.